Human Values Center


Human Values Center is a collaborative group of researchers, scholars, practitioners with expertise in holistic human development, education technology, culture transformation, leadership and many areas of expertise that when brought together, have created ways to help optimize human potential. This foundational shift allows for culture change and evolution. For each person. For every organization. All communities.


This was an interesting project — HVC came in with a brand and website straight outa the 1990’s. They were reinventing a lot of new elements in their business and needed an updated website and brand identity. The intriguing thing about this project was the nature of the organization. HVC is an organization that works with corporate business and educational systems, but focuses on slightly existential concepts; things that you might not normally see in a corporate scenario, which actually is a bad thing.  “NO CRUNCHY GRANOLA!” was tacked on the Smash & Grab whiteboard through the length of the project. HVC needed something human but also corporate, two adjectives that don’t usually sit together comfortably. What arrived was a strong color scheme, a plan for corporate media w real humans, diversity, and interaction. Branding that is hand-drawn but bold, balanced, reliable, trustworthy.


Besides creating a powerful and flexible new brand package for HVC, I also worked with their development team to create a stunning new responsive website that looks great on computer, tablet, or mobile device, a slew of one-sheet sales documents, and other presentation material.