Educational Media

Digital Teambuilding


An interactive team-building exercise played through Zoom. Developer asked for a version of the classic Cross-the-River  team-building exercise that could be played virtually for online learners. Players are each emailed unique ‘hints’ prior to the game. They must all collaborate with their knowledge about the order in which they need to cross the Nuclear River. 


University of Massachusetts Global Online Certification Tokens

In 2022 UMass Global launched an initiative to incentivize continuous professional development for students and instructors through a series of achievement badges. Research has shown that in the 21st century instructors, students and civilians respond to gamified tasks, whether it’s earning points at their local supermarket, or being awarded a ranking on social media. The program offers micro-credentials to students for which they would be awarded badges, an element already used for professional development on platforms like Linkedin. Badges can then be displayed across platforms like LinkedIn, resume builders, Credly, and others.

Educational Media: VIDEO

Alex acted as creative director, animator, designer, (and sometimes voice actor) creating video content for Brandman University’s online courses. Responsibilities included consulting with professors to find out what aspect of their course would benefit from enriched media, then developing a unique solution whether it’s an animated explainer, an interview in the field, or a course welcome video. Also created enriched media for different faculty departments like the Online Writing and Math Center and the Department of Equity and Inclusion. See More Videos


Brandman University Online Writing & Math Center Promo

Welcome to MATU-103: Applied Mathematics

UMass Global ARTtalk: Uncle Norm