Immigrant Justice Advocates


Asian Americans Advancing Justice

Immigrant Justice Advocates is a campaign to make the US Deferred Action Program more approachable and more accessible to undocumented youths in America.

According to organizers in the field, there are two main obstacles facing undocumented youths: one is the stigma of being an “illegal” student, the other is the feeling of insecurity registering with the government. The solution: a brand that engages with students in an approachable away, but also emulates safety, security and professionalism, and a program that engages peers and educates teachers and administrators. Immigrant Justice Advocates lays a cool foundation for both registered and unregistered students. It utilizes very complicated government regulations and paperwork designed for optimum simplicity and legebility in Chinese, Spanish, English and Filipino.

About DACA: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is an American immigration policy that allows certain undocumented immigrants who entered the country before their 16th birthday and before June 2007 to receive a renewable two-year work permit and exemption from deportation. *Wikipedia


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The first high school Dream Center in the United States, Paula Crisostomo Dream Center is a safe place for all students at Lincoln High. The Dream Center is a resource center located in Lincoln High School offering a safe space for students to explore their experiences and advocate for social justice.

What a privilege to be involved in the design of this monumental establishment. The Paula Crisostomo Dream Center is in room 510 at Lincoln High
Please call first, this is a classroom!