Dine LA

Production of deliverables for 2013 LA Restaurant Week, including check-stuffers, Magazine ads, interactive and static banner ads, Streetlight banners, wheatpaste posters among other things.     SOCIAL MEDIA  
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Wine Profiler

A system for identifying flavor profiles for wine. The demographic of wine drinkers is no longer stuffy collectors or monocle-wearing aristocrats, it’s people from all walks of life who want to enjoy these cultural artifacts. They’re younger and thirstier too. But there is one problem; unless one has formal knowledge about wine there is no way of identifying what any of these wines taste like, aside from the information on the bottle, which reads more like a romanticized sales pitch. This system utilizes ten attributes, also used in professional wine tasting, to display a unique shape in which consumers can identify the flavor of a wine in a retail environment. This system is applied to retail wine tags, templates which can be used for notation as well as wine tastings, a booklet which explains the system as well as fundamentals of wine tasting and pairing, and a website, which allows consumers to find a wine that fits their prospective flavor profile. The website works in the reverse order of the retail tags. Users manipulate the ten different facets of the graphic device to define the flavor profile they are looking for; the wines that match that criteria are listed as […]
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Aaron Byrds NightCap

A series of flyers promoting Night Cap: a weekly event at Custom Hotel in Los Angeles featuring KCRWs Aaron Byrd.
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Chicken of the Sea

A series of images for Chicken of the Sea’s social media accounts. I was given concept and text from the creative director and whipped up fresh content to be posted each day on facebook and other social media platforms. Back to School Promotion  
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