Examining Social Inequality, Privilege and, Equity

Social structures in America continue to perpetuate injustice in our personal lives and in the workplace. This course is designed to explore those systems as a means to encourage and foster equitable practices.

Welcome to Introduction to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Leaders

Diversity, equity, and inclusion, or DEI, can define whether a business can survive. How can we effectively lead an organization through DEI change?

Public Relations

A lion has been shot, the public is outraged, and a public relations disaster is unfolding. Public relations practitioners must be ethical in all that they do, so studying the case of Cecil the Lion is a great way to understand the principles of the industry.

Introduction to Creative Writing

So you finished your first draft. Now’s the time to start revising! Although there are lots of different approaches to the process, there are some things we can all benefit from keeping in mind.

Leadership in Literature

Sophocles’ classic Greek tragedy Antigone depicts many failures of ethical leadership. This short synopsis will get you ready for the upcoming discussion board project.

Welcome to GIS Ethics RJM

If you’re dealing with geographic data then you might ask yourself “Am I using this information in an accurate and ethical way?“. In this course you will learn about GIS, the ethical issues that surround data analysis, and everything in between!

Introduction to Programming

Whatever it is you’re doing right now, chances are it was affected in some way by a programmer! Let’s learn about programming and the folks that make the interfaces, apps, dashboards and websites for the world.

Welcome to Law and Ethics for Behavioral Health Professionals

A professional code of ethics has long been a cornerstone in healthcare. SoEE 539 will examine the codes and standards that make up these guidelines.

Cultural Awareness and Unconscious Bias

To create a more inclusive world, we can’t just recognize implicit bias and its societal effect, we need to also interrupt the actions that reflect implicit bias. But what exactly is implicit bias anyway?

Using and Analyzing Measurement, Data and Experimental Design on Applied Behavior Analysis Series
Five classroom scenarios for your behavior analysis writing exercise.

Welcome to Programming for GIS

Coding and programming are responsible for the mechanics of everything from mobile applications to the database servers they are stored on. The variety of programming languages spans as far as the maps that they build. Welcome to the whimsical world of programming for GIS.

Spatial Database Design

Spatial data is involved in almost every aspect of modern life today. Let\’s take a closer look at some of the components that make up the geospatial data industry.

The Importance of Psychopharmacology in Education

Believe it or not, psychoeducation on medications is really important for prospective therapists and non-medical mental health practitioners. Suit up for a deep dive into the world of psychotropic medications!

Welcome to Critical Thinking

It’s not just thinking. It’s critical thinking! PSYU 306 explains how to evaluate your judgment carefully so you can draw well-reasoned conclusions.

Different Purposes and Approaches to Spatial Research

With spatial research we can combine various forms of data in a visual manner, but there are many different ways that it can be used.

Welcome to Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Social Work

Welcome to SOWK 445 Substance Abuse. Let’s learn the competencies needed to address addiction to support the healing and sobriety process in all our client populations.

Welcome to GIS Research Methods

Get ready to establish the important and powerful connection between spatial analysis and the broader arena of data analytics with GIS research methods!

Ethical Decision Making

We are frequently presented with opportunities within our personal and professional lives to exercise our ethical decision-making muscles. The next time you’re faced with a situation that requires making the best and most ethical choice, try these approaches!